Oversight and monitoring of airport charges

We provide reporting on the 5-year Airport Regulation Document (DORA in Spanish), as well as on annual updating of charges. We ensure that the Spanish airport management company (Aena) does not apply these charges in a discriminatory manner.

For the DORA and its modifications, we provide reporting on the following aspects, giving special attention to ensuring that the proposal produced by Aena guarantees the sustainability of the airport network:

  • Detailed traffic forecasts by airport, for each of the 5 years during which the DORA is applicable.
  • The service quality standards, as measured using a specific number of indicators, for each airport and for each year in the 5-year period.
  • That the investments planned for the 5-year period are consistent with the rest of the contents of the DORA and that they reflect the standards on infrastructure capacity and service quality. Among other data, this involves ensuring that the annual values of the investments planned for the 5-year period are those included in the Regulated Assets Base (BAR in Spanish) for each year.
  • The annual operating and capital costs that must be taken as the basis for calculating the Maximum Annual Income per Passenger (IMAP in Spanish), which must serve as the basis for updating the charges.
  • The IMAP values for each year during the 5-year period.
  • The values that allow the annual incentives and penalties to be established for service quality provided, and the penalties for delayed execution of the planned investments, as applicable for determining the Adjusted Maximum Annual Income per Passenger (IMAAJ in Spanish) corresponding to each fiscal year.
  • The costs for each basic airport service and contribution of the costs recovered for each charge as determined from the IMAP.

Furthermore, in relation to the annual airport charge updates produced by Aena, we ensure that these are adjusted to the applicable percentage of the Adjusted Maximum Annual Income per Passenger (IMAAJ) according to the provisions found in Law 18/2014. We also declare the modifications established by Aena to be non-applicable when they fail to comply with the regulations.

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